Auto | British Columbia School Protection Program



Effective July 1, 2016, the Schools Protection Program’s (SPP) Property Agreement is amended to include Collision and Comprehensive coverages for all 60 BC public school districts with a $1,000.00 deductible.

SPP continues to offer excess automobile liability coverage over and above ICBC’s primary coverage under the Liability Coverage Agreement.

A Memorandum is available here which provides proof of excess automobile liability and collision and comprehensive. Loss payee status is automatically included when contractually required by the lessor for leased and licensed Covered Automobiles in the name of the school district.

With the advent of these changes, new processes are in place for Collision, Comprehensive and Third Party Liability claims. These are addressed in the Vehicle Insurance – School District Claims Reporting Flowchart and Scenarios (SPP and ICBC) form, and a fillable New Claim Report. The New Claim Report must be attached to the school district’s Incident Report available via link when reporting new claims to SPP. 

Training material, available via link to the school districts, regarding automobile insurance coverage includes a Sample Claim Report and an iVOS Training Demo. Available for reference only is advice on Garage Policy Coverage. Additional information about automobile coverage is addressed in SPP’s Administrator’s Handbook/Guide to SPP Coverage.

If you have any questions regarding the subject of Amendment Notice, please feel free to get in touch with your SPP Risk Consultant.